Back in the day. Oh, about the late 1850's...
Had Mr. Lenoir been persistent he might have ask himself the following questions and followed up on them.
Observing this, Igniting the fuel/air mixture was done at about 90 degrees after T.D.C..
This worked but it was not as good as other processes that soon came along and it seems the Lenoir-cycle process was soon viewed as obsolete.

   Almost the same time as Lenoir put his creation on the market some fellows (Philander and Francis Marion Roots) in America were just starting to produce a type of "blower" that later would become known as a "supercharger" when used as a means to pre-compress the intake charge on internal combustion motors. Lenoir might not have known about this but if he did, the following thoughts might have occurred to him.

As for the comic character here, we'll pretend that they did.
Let'start here.

Lenny thinking here.

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