Static Torque (           )
And low speed running as well. Something that can be used to possibly eliminate the need for a clutch and transmission in some cases.
   Most anywhere between a little after TDC and somewhat before BDC a fuel/air mix can be introduced and having both valves open a fresh mix is introduced into the cylinder and then the exhaust valve gets closed and the charging of the cylinder continues until and appropriate amount is in place and then the intake gets shut too.
   The mix is ignited and exerts force upon the cam with a tendency to rotate it but not having to actually rotate it to have contributed torque.
   The process gets repeated possibly several times per second contributing to a smooth power delivery. The new fuel/air mix would tend to mix with the burned gasses in the cylinder so getting clean emissions could prove to be difficult to achieve.
   The process above would likely need to be controlled by a computer and solenoid actuated valves to be successful and also there would be a risk of over doing it and over stressing components either by build up of heat and/or mechanical force.
Fuel/air mixed introduced under pressure. Possibly with an electrically driven supercharger
Exhaust gasses
forcefully expelled
Lingering exhaust gasess.

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