Below is something that will help in visualizing what is going on in the graph. I have decided to omit some details in these drawings because most anyone that is familiar with motors will see what is representing what here. As I took the photos for the animation the sun was setting in the sky, thus the darkening of the image as the frames go from the beginning to the end of the cycle. If you create a better animation and give it to me then I'll be likely to replace this with yours or create a link to it. There is both a positive displacement blower and a turbocharger shown in series. Why that is will be discussed later.
Air Intake
Mechanically driven blower/compressor
As you can see, there is no crankshaft but instead there is a cam and cam follower arrangement. A complex crankshaft arrangement might be possible might that can cause a favorable lull in piston velocity at the right time but I'm inclined to think that a cam arrangement is probably going to be a better method. What looks to be a connecting rod really just reciprocates. I had in mind to use the same parts to depict a crankshaft arrangement as well but later decided not to.

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